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About Mylennium

Mylennium helps you protect personal digital assets during your lifetime and beyond.  Your most precious assets, physical and digital, should be passed on to their rightful heirs.  Without planning, a lifetime’s worth of pictures, files and accounts may become inaccessible to your loved ones.

Mylennium - About Us

Most people are unaware of the significant digital footprint they create during their lifetime.  Nor do they realize that the terms of service agreements they agreed to when signing up for an online service may someday prevent a trusted individual from accessing common but valuable digital assets such as photographs, documents, financial accounts, videos, loyalty programs, and the multitude of services currently offered online, including their presence on social media sites.

The central role of digital technologies in many people’s everyday life promotes their creation of a trove of valuable but intangible digital assets that are easily overlooked or forgotten in the traditional estate plan.  While an executor may be capable of gathering physical assets, do they have the requisite skills to discover online accounts, recover digital photos and documents, or identify and take control of digital assets with monetary value such as domain names, digital currency, and loyalty reward programs, online investment accounts?  Does your executor know the social media accounts that you used throughout your lifetime so that these accounts can be closed or memorialized?  Have you even specified if these accounts should be closed or memorialized?  The digital generation has created a new set of issues that should be addressed at death, but due to a legal system that is trailing our explosive creation of online data and our failure to address the unique issues presented by digital assets, these assets are easily lost soon after our death.

Mylennium helps ensure that your digital legacy, as told through your digiital assets, survives across generations.  We will help you complete the critical steps to ensure your digital assets are handled according to your wishes after you’re gone.