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Digital Executor Services

Digital Executor Services

An estate executor is responsible for locating estate assets and managing them until they can be distributed to benificaries and heirs as specified by the decedent's will or trust. Mylennium's Digital Executor Services assist an estate administrator, executor, trustee, or guardian with their duties of inventorying, managing and distributing a decedent's digital assets and property.

What are the important responsibilities of a digital executor? Estate executors have a legal responsibility to gather the deceased person's assets, take care of property, and distribute what remains in an estate after all debts and taxes have been paid. A digital executor has similar responsibilities but focused on the digital domain. The initial article in our series A Day in the Life of A Digital Executor covers the key responsibilities a digital executor will face when settling your digital estate.

Mylennium assists executors, administrators, trustees and guardians in handling all aspects of digital assets, including identifying online accounts, consolidating digital assets from multiple devices to a secure cloud service, domain name and web hosting ownership changes and administration, digital currency recovery, scanning services, and digital asset valuation.

Mylennium offers consulting services to assist fiduciaries marshal, protect, and settle digital assets held by a decedent or incapacitated person. Our services include:

  • Identify decedent's online accounts including email, social networks, loyalty reward programs, photo sharing, shopping, genealogy, and travel sites
  • Identify Terms of Service and state/federal limitations for accessing digital assets held in decedent's online accounts
  • Consolidate digital assets from multiple sources, including physical devices and online services, and setup a secure online repository that can be shared with multiple beneficiaries or heirs
  • Digital scanning and photography services for documents and art work
  • Domain name services, including identification, change of ownership, and transfer
  • Digital currency services (bitcoin)
  • Marshal decedent's web hosting services (shared, cloud, private)
  • Online revenue-generating assets oversight and change of ownership
  • Prepare documents required by online providers to request a copy of decedent's online account content and close, memorialize, or delete account
  • Digital asset valuation including online blogs and websites, photography and video, eBooks, and music

We act under the direction of the estate executor or trustee. Our familiarity with state laws and online service Terms of Service agreements can expedite obtaining data held in online accounts. Our experience with online file storage will facilitate the consolidation of digital assets to a centralized and secure online storage provider that supports sharing documents, photos, and videos between family members. Let us create a customized solution specifically for your needs.

We treat your personal data with the utmost confidentiality using industry-leading security technology. All of the data you send to Mylennium is encrypted before transit to our servers. Data at rest is encrypted using bank-level AES-256 encryption

Mylennium works directly with clients over the telephone and using an encrypted pdf questionnaire to gather information about their digital assets. We do not gather passwords or encryption keys but instead help the client adopt the use of a leading password manager (LastPass, Roboform, Dashlane, 1Password) to store their confidential information that can eventually be provided to the estate or digital executor. Once the client’s digital asset inventory is gathered we create an encrypted Digital Asset Report in pdf format that we distribute to the client, their estate attorney, and a digital executor if one is specified. Documents are encrypted using 128-bit or 256-bit AES, depending upon the version of Acrobat Reader used by the client. Our website uses a GeoTrust business validated SSL certificate that uses 256-bit encryption for all user sessions.

Once your digital asset inventory is completed and at your request, Mylennium will share this information with your estate attorney, executor, or other trusted recipient. Alternatively, you may choose to share specific asset information through your estate executor or attorney.

If you’re an estate executor, administrator, trustee, or guardian let’s discuss how Mylennium can help with the digital assets you oversee. We will help you formulate and execute a well thought out plan to locate, preserve, and distribute a decedent’s digital assets, saving you a significant amount of time in the process. Please contact us to discuss your digital estate needs.