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Synology DiskStation DS216j

Network access disk storage for local backups of digital assets on personal computers and devices

Synology is a highly respected manufacturer of personal and business disk storage systems.  Designed for home and personal users, the DS216j is a 2-bay network accessed storage (NAS) server featuring a dual-core CPU, hardware encryption, and other rich features including easy data sharing and backup, multimedia streaming, and cloud synchronization all at an affordable price.

You can only bequeath personal digital assets that survive your lifetime.  In order to increase the likelihood of that happening you need to create multiple copies of important assets.  You should have at least three copies of your data - one on a local disk attached to your primary computer, another on a separate local disk storage device, and a third on remote cloud based storage.

Network accessed storage (NAS) is disk storage that connects to a network and allows connections by other devices on the network.  Most home routers create a local network that local devices use to connect to eachother and the Internet.  Most NAS devices support remote access over the Internet although this is typically not the default configuration which limits access to devices on the local network.

Synology has earned the Readers' Choice Award in the NAS device category four years in a row beginning in 2012.

When it comes to NAS devices, there's Synology and there's everyone else. ~PCMag 2014 


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