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Evernote is an online secure repository for your notes, documents, web clips, files, and images.  One frequently hears this said about Evernote: "The more you use Evernote to store digital assets the more uses you will discover."  You can download and install desktop clients for PC and Mac in addition to mobile and tablet apps for iOS, Android, and Windows.  You can also install an Evernote extension in most browsers.  A Web based app is available.  All of these apps and extensions all work off of the same synced data letting you access your most important data on all of your devices.

Evernote Premium accounts support two-step verification which provides another level of security for your digital content.  If you plan to store confidential information in Evernote then you should opt for the paid Evernote Premium plan.

Unlike most other online services, Evernote's Terms of Servce (TOS) agreement includes a section titled What Happens to My Account When I Die?  While Evernote always protects your privacy and will not share your account credentials with anyone, their TOS agreement states:

If you wish to enable someone to have access to your Content or Account Information after you are no longer able to provide them access, you need to implement a process for providing your Account Information to them. ~Evernote Terms of Service, January 2017


lifehacker - Mar 2013