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A multi-platform cloud based password manager to store and protect passwords and more

Once you add a password manager to your digital workflow you'll wonder how you got along without one.  There are three indespensible elements in digital estate planning:

  1. digital asset inventory
  2. username/password credential managment for your devices and accounts
  3. authorization for third-party access to your online accounts

LastPass takes care of item #2 on the list and provides a good starting point for a comprehensive digital asset inventory.  Many digital estate planning articles recommend creating a written or printed list of your usernames and passwords.  In today's world of frequent cyber-fraud and identity theft, password changes are a frequent occurence and will render a static list useless in short time.  Left to our own devices, most of us employ easy to remember passwords which are also easy for an experienced password cracker to guess.  Most password managers will generate secure passwords for you when a new password is required.  LastPass is no exception, and also provides an automated password change facility for select online services.

Lastpass offers secure password and data management:

  • All encryption and decryption happens on your computing device
  • The sensitive data that is harbored on LastPass servers is always encrypted before it's sent to their servers so all they receive is "gibberish"
  • LastPass never receives the key to decrypt your data

LastPass is offered in a free version that supports multiple devices and offers limited two-party authentication options, and a Premium version that is currently $12/yr and offers unlimited sync for unlimited devices, more multifactor authentication options and priority support.  There are other excellent password managers out there, but we highly recommend LastPass.

This thing is secure every way you can imagine. And it’s simple.
   ~Steve Gibson, Security Now!


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